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Buying and Selling

One exciting strength of our business is assisting our existing clients in trading or selling a crane that they currently own.  Crane dealers usually do not want to take these units in on trade, leaving the customer the task of having to market their crane on their own.  We have a strong industry reputation for assisting these customers through this dilemma with successful results.


Providing this service for clients allows us access to a large inventory of pre-owned Hydraulic Truck, Crawler, Rough Terrain, All Terrain, and Conventional Lattice Truck cranes for sale.

Financing and Financial Consulting

We provide financing/leasing solutions to qualified customers on terms of 36-84 months with minimum down payment.  Loan options include fixed rate term loan, floating rate loans, and off sheet leases.  We work directly with our customers to complement existing banking relationships.  We assist in expanding existing lines of credit by providing specialized equipment loans and leasing.

Understanding what lenders need to make good credit decisions for our customers is more important today than ever before.  We assist our customers in making a presentation that presents the very best impression of your company.  We work with you to assess the true value of your company, as well as assist in planning good financial accounting, regardless of company size and structure.  We also work hand-in-hand with your bonding company to enhance this aspect of your business.

Crane Evaluation and Appraisal

Our years of experience allows us to offer sound advice to our customers; whether you are buying or selling a crane.  Cranes, like other assets, are depreciated on a company financial statement.  However, most cranes have strong value-retaining qualities, unlike other types of construction equipment.  Therefore, we can provide our customer or their lender with a better perspective of the actual worth of a particular entity, and articulate the value in terms necessary to give both customers and lenders a positive picture.

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